Dear SaveLoveGive customer,

As of September 10, 2013, we are shutting down the VERA SaveLoveGive campaign to refocus our efforts. We loved saving you hundreds of dollars on your cell phone bills each year and plan to deliver an even better experience in the near future. To date, you, the SaveLoveGive customers, have saved more than $5 million. Your generosity has been amazing — giving back over $100,000 in donations to our featured charity partners.

The problem of Wireless Waste is still a big one. Rest assured that our new efforts will be aimed at tackling this problem at a much larger scale, across the globe. As you can see on our refreshed website we are attempting to tackle the problem of Wireless Waste directly with carriers and companies that re-sell devices and wireless services.

Validas has not changed its mission. We will continue to fight for you. We have made several changes to our team, to our platform, and to our focus to make sure that we fix Wireless Waste. We are actively seeking best in class engineering firms to help us build out the full vision of the company. We are fully aware of the features that you want and the service that you need. We have made some strides, but we have more work to do.

Many of you have been emailing us, asking us for help on your wireless bills. Please continue to do that, we will help. Our service is no longer up and running but our brains still work, so go ahead, email us and we will fix your wireless bill.

If you have any further questions, please contact us here.
Thank you.

Never Give Up,
Todd Dunphy

Your generous contributions raised over $100,000 for charity!

Thank You Featured Charity Partners

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