Validas  is  a  developer  of  solutions that provide automated bill analysis for mobile devices.  Our patented  technology reviews wireless phone bills and recommends the optimal wireless plan based on actual usage.

By processing more than 2000 data fields in seconds, we own the fastest and most accurate wireless bill expense management solution available for businesses and government entities. Our enterprise solution has been used by  more  than  160  global  and  Fortune  companies,  both  directly and under a master services agreement with Verizon Wireless.


Validas was founded in 2007 by wireless industry veterans and has analyzed over 10M lines of service and produced over $300M in savings for business and government entities since then.


Our patented services have helped companies such as Citibank, Deutsche Bank, eBay, ExxonMobil, Federal Express, GM, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, SAP and Union Pacific. We offer enormous untapped value to providers of Telecom Expense Management (“TEM”), Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) and IT Services.