The Validas Solution

Validas core technology is a patented Data Mining and Analytics Engine combined with a proprietary rate plan database and numerous consulting tools to maximize savings for our clients. It was developed to produce savings by reading large mobile bills and comparing multiple offers from current or competitive providers in the USA.


Strong Patent Portfolio Exclusively Enables VALIDAS To Implement Savings on Wireless Bills for BUSINESSES and GOVERNMENT AGENCIES in Exciting New Ways by Extracting Data From Electronic Bills on a Scalable Basis

Saved $300M:

On Mobile Bills For 160 Fortune Companies and State Agencies

  • Saved 30% on average, without disrupting services special features, employees, or telecom managers
  • Minimum telecom manager touch
  • Saved the equivalent of 4,000 jobs in the USA

US Patent  7,904,354;

Web Based Auto Bill Analysis Method

  • Issued March 2011 In The U.S
  • Issued In Japan & Korea
  • Pending In Canada And Brazil

US Patent 8,666,849;

Computer Implemented Method For Bill Analysis Over The Internet

  • Issued March 2014


Medium to Large Entperprise

Businesses with corporate wireless bills from any of the 4 major USA carriers



State, city, county - We save money on mobile bills for all levels of government