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Validas was founded to make wireless easier by creating harmony between wireless carriers and their customers. We have since worked relentlessly to become the world’s leading experts in wireless billing, pricing, and marketing practices.

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Through the Validas Wireless Services platform, which includes our own connectivity service, MeCentric, and our private blockchain-enabled suite of loyalty and customer empowerment tools, Validas will offer consumers and businesses compelling alternatives to legacy platforms.


Empowered by world-reputable brands
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Wireless Butler is the consumer-facing brand of Validas’ proprietary bill upload, analysis, and recommendation engine. It was launched as a free mobile and web app in Q4, 2016. Since then, it has evolved into a device-agnostic, web-based application that can be surfaced in numerous ways, including via APIs.
AMIGO is a wholly unique, no-SQL-based Personal Relationship Manager and customer activity tracker that enables personalized outreach through SMS and email, granular campaign management, and detailed analytics/business intelligence. It stands alone in a field of canned solutions as an infinitely configurable tool that flexes to any key pair of tags. AMIGO is extremely useful in “cart follow-up” scenarios, wherein a customer begins shopping but ends before completing an order. AMIGO also provides incredibly valuable data for the effectiveness of marketing efforts, the demographics and psychographics of a user base, and the performance of sales reps.
We¢entric is the evolution of Save Love Give, Validas’ headline-making platform that enabled its users to donate a portion of wireless savings to charity. We¢entric, however, is built on the latest Validas platform and can integrate with the Me¢entric ecosystem to offer considerable advantages. Non-profit groups can also  leverage We¢entric as a fundraising tool.
Mobile Cost Control is the B2B application of Validas bill analysis and recommendation technology paired with a contract to advocate for savings on behalf of the customer.. This service primarily targets large entities who receive bills in RDD format. Validas has engineered several automated functions that accelerate analysis and recommendation, dramatically reducing the time needed to service each customer.
The iPhone Buyer’s Guide helps consumers pick the best iPhone for their needs. Additionally, it guides them to purchase options, assists them in finding accessories, and advises them based on device insurance and protection.
The Consumer Wireless Report is published on a quarterly basis by Validas, the leading experts on wireless billing. Over the past decade, we've analyzed more than 5 million bills. Our rate plan database is broader and deeper than any other on the planet. Oh, and our data scientists are really smart.
The Validas Mobile brings together all of our assets and IP, and combines them with enablement partners and an MVNO agreement to offer:

Direct to consumer wireless connectivity and devices

White-labeled wireless connectivity and devices

Connectivity resale for connected devices (LTE Tablets for POS, smartwatches, asset trackers)


Strong Patent Portfolio Exclusively Enables VALIDAS To Implement Private Blockchain in Exciting New Ways and Extract Data From Electronic Bills on a Scalable Basis

US Patent Pending:

Self-Managed Cloud-Based AI for Blockchain Optimization

  • Dramatically reduces transaction latency
  • Has far-reaching applications

US Patent  7,904,354;

Web Based Auto Bill Analysis Method

  • Issued March 2011 In The U.S
  • Issued In Japan & Korea
  • Pending In Canada And Brazil

US Patent 8,666,849;

Computer Implemented Method For Bill Analysis Over The Internet

  • Issued March 2014

Apply Blockchain technology across all services and platforms

Extract Bill Data:
Parse & model data for analysis

Compute best options for buyer or seller

Making Buying Recommendations for multiple services & compare value across providers

Optimize cost continuously for users & bring them new deals & services to choose

The Validas Solution

Validas core technology is a patented Data Mining and Analytics Engine combined with a proprietary rate plan database and numerous tools that leverage its wide-reaching power in multiple verticals. It was developed to analyze specific bills in order to compare and contrast them against other, providing more economical offers from current or competitive providers, or from Validas’ own wireless services platform.


Direct to End User

Recurring bill analysis (wireless), savings recommendations, Validas Wireless Services, disruptive device portfolio offerings.


Channel Partners

Big-box retailers, MNOs, digital aggregators, multi-faceted distributors.


Enterprise Customers with White-Label Solutions

Leveraged as a strategic anti-churn, loyalty, or custom acquisition tool


Where we fit in

B2B Target Market

Service Providers and MVNOs

Retailers, Resellers, and Distributors

Enterprise, Financial Research, and Media

New Verticals, including Quad Play, Energy, and Cloud Services

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Consumer Target Market

Wireless Butler: Plan recommender tool that is monetized by carriers as well a potential for a  pay-wall and paid white-glove service.

Insights Business: iPhone Buyers Guide is an ad-supported tool that enables consumers to find the right phone, and is additionally monetized by affiliate sales revenue.

Validas Mobile Offerings: Superior price vs. MNOs, and high-value devices or BYOD options. IoT Pricing for individuals, specialized options for third-parties and people who work in the sharing economy such as Uber drivers or Square users.


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" websites like Wireless Butler allow consumers to compare plans and find out whether a cheaper plan is available."

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The 2016 Sailing for Scholars Gala and Regatta is presented by Wireless Butler, a free app that makes wireless easier and helps its users save money. The company behind Wireless Butler, Validas, has created a paid internship program for graduates from the HRCS Sail Academy.

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